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Jonartz records is a record label owned by Olatunji, better known as “T.J
Tj is a music producer, piano player and music director. Jonartz Records has played a big role in many musical activities, both live and in studio and has had the opportunity to work with a variety of well known artists such as: Maranda Curtis, Joe Praise, Mairo Ese, Billy Mitchel, Dare David,Julia Ukattah, Debbie and Andre Simeon. He is a member of recording connection institute of Dallas.

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REKINDLE 3 (The annual gospel concert).

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we record all kinds of songs from tracking of live Drums, Bass guitar , Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar ,Piano and Vocals , to mixing and mastering level.

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When it comes to music production ,Teejay jonartz understands a lot about it, from the instruments tracking ;due to the training he got from “Recording connection” @ Empire studio ,to the recording of vocals , and also mixing , he is so fast and informed.


Teejay jonartz his very humble and cool to work with ,he cares so much about the out come of your music and he understands exactly what needs to be done in any given situation.

…..PAUL .

I call him mr Jonathan ,he is very down to earth ,we worked on a recording project some years back and to be honest that project is still my best just because he puts a lot of time in any project given to him.