After layering the tracks, the sound is quite flat and un-dynamic. It is important to balance the music and give every track its required volume. For an example; if the sound of a guitar is clearer than everything else at a particular moment, this is where mixing becomes key. Mixing also includes removing unnecessary noises and clicks, allowing the song to be well balanced.

Then during the time of mastering the track, I really bring a track to life and spice up the sound. I make the drum more dynamic, the guitar more or less sharp sounding, the piano softer and I might want to boost the bass frequencies of the piano a little bit as there is no bass.


Mastering the track is the art, this is what brings the song to life! This may include making the drums more dynamic, the sound of the guitar more or less sharp, giving the piano a softer sound as well as boosting the bass frequencies. The more attention you give to these details, the better the outcome!

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